Friday, January 21, 2011

Honeymoon Planning Checklist

It is crucial for both honeymooners to have a shared and understood desires and plans of what the perfect dream honeymoon is. There are far too many favourite honeymoon hotspots around and this may requires some brainwork to pre-select the one perfect dream holiday of a lifetime. Remember whatever come second place though it may be visited the next trip round but the feeling will be far from a true blue honeymoon the first time. While most people like surprises however to truly enjoy the honeymoon destinations it is advisable that the couples have some knowledge of the holiday destination and source for detailed location information through a checklist. The checklist would then be better go through by both the couple so that in the course of it preferences can be made clear and compromises be made if this is necessary, for there are just too many choices around and one's perception of the perfect dream honeymoon holiday may differs.

Here are some critical factors when considering for a honeymoon holiday;
• Place (preferred destination type/ theme/ location)
• Price (budget and package)
• Room (comfort level)
• Food (selection and quality)
• Activity (range and type)

First, there are various types of honeymooning theme and these can be generally grouped into;
• Beach
• River
• Lake
• Mountain
• Desert
• City
• Cruise ship

Second refers to the location settings. Some would like to have a quiet and secluded honeymoon trip while others may prefer a vibrant environment. These can be categorized as;
• Quiet and secluded
• Exclusive villas resort
• Vibrant city, with nightclubs and entertainment
• All-inclusive

Third factor is the location or the region. A beach front theme can be found in probably more than one region or continent. However, for a desert theme the selection list is comparatively fewer to choose from. This region can be grouped under;
• Africa {Mauritius, Seychelles}
• Asia {Bali, Malaysia, Maldives}
• Caribbean
• Europe
• Mexico
• North America; United States and Canada
• South America
• South Pacific {Fiji, Tahiti}

Depending on one's preferences of the ideal honeymooning destination type, this is further determined by the budget. It can range from the budgeted few hundred to a luxury trip that could cost up to multiple thousand dollars. The other factor directly affecting this budget package is the duration of the honeymoon trip.

Lastly, location activities differ from place to place. It is good to preview on the selection of activities offer or available at destination. To avoid disappointment, some pre-booking of activities may be required especially during peak seasons. Pregnancy Hair Loss

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