Honeymoon Destination - FIJI ISLANDS

FIJI - Bula! Lies in the South Pacific Ocean is Fiji Islands, home to more than 300 islands in the archipelago about the Koro Sea. This is another honeymoon paradise renowned for its pristine white sandy beaches and coral reefs in warm turpuoise waters.  Immerse  in the crystal clear water off the South Pacific Ocean, pools or its many lagoons. Listen to the ocean breezes rustling through the tall and elegant tropical palm trees while enjoying a drink of vagona. There are abundances water recreational sports around to keep one occupied. Or just laze back to enjoy the tranquility of these honeymoon islands have to offer!

Why choose a Fiji Honeymoon? 10 Reasons to choose Fiji.

1. Unspoiled.. Fiji is one of the most pristine places on earth. No hi-rises ugly hotels!  On your Fiji honeymoon you'll stay in a private "bure"
2. The Ocean...crystal clear, lukewarm, world reknowned diving in Fiji.
3. Safe... Crime is just about non-existent for tourists in Fiji. No radical groups here. You'll feel safe when choose a Fiji Honeymoon, or Fiji Wedding.
4. Friendly people...They speak English and love Americans in Fiji.
5. Inexpensive...The US dollar is strong in Fiji, making a Fiji Honeymoon the #1 best South Pacific value
6. Easy to get to....10 hours night flight, non-stop to Fiji from Los Angeles- leave at night,arrive in the morning.
7. Safe flight...planes are comfortable 747 and 767 Jets to your Fiji Honeymoon or Fiji wedding!
8. Variety...with a million things to do and see on your Fiji honeymoon.
9. Famous...they filmed "Castaway" with Tom Hanks in Fiji..and "The Blue Lagoon" with Brooke Shields! Celebrities often honeymoon in Fiji!
10. 300 islands...Fiji is bigger than you think: 7000 acres, 925 miles of coastline.
(credits: http://www.fiji-honeymoon.com/)